Shavings Supply Company empowers and develops our efficient and productive team of workers, both in our Pietermaritzburg factory and in our nationwide operation. We value and respect the commitment and will to contribute of every staff member, engendering self-confidence that benefits the individual, the team and the business as a whole.

We have staff members who have been with the company for over 15 years and some for as long as 25 years. The dedication and experience of these employees is important in maintaining the success of our business as they pass on their expertise and enthusiasm to those more recently employed.

Staff members who deal directly with our customers have a special place in our organisation. They are professional and courteous at all times and follow the simple mantra “customer is king”. 

Staff Well Being

The well being of our staff is a top priority for Mercor Trading.

We provide a Health Care Clinic, available to our staff at no charge, at our main manufacturing site. The services of a registered nursing sister, Sister Dladla, are offered to our employees and vary from HIV monitoring and counselling to ordinary health issues. We have found that this service, paid for by the company, prevents absenteeism and is most beneficial to our workers who would otherwise lose time and money waiting in long public clinic queues.

A sponsored Soccer Club is thriving at our factory and we are performing well in the local soccer league! This keeps morale high, especially as the factory yard becomes a soccer field during breaks.


Human Resources

Our Human Resource department, headed by Ignatia Pewa, is committed to  assisting our staff and their families when dealing with lifes day to day challenges. Ignatia  is affectionately known as ‘the mother of the company” and she is closely involved with the staff in helping them deal with a variety of problems ranging from illnesses and deaths to family and financial problems.


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